Monday, December 3, 2012

The Way To Browse And Manage iPhone Backups On Your Mac Is Free

iBackup ViewerHow do you backup your iPhone to your Mac? Plug the iPhone into the Mac and a couple of clicks and a few minutes later, Voila! You have an fully backed up iPhone (and iPad).

Where did all those backup files go? Is there a way to dig into those backup and extract files? Yes. All it takes is a free Mac app called iBackup Viewer.

Backing up your iPhone or iPad is important, but there may be times when you need to view some of that crucial data on your Mac. iBackup Viewer lets you view the backup files (not easily viewed from the Mac’s Finder).

iBackup Viewer Apps

Use the app to view the contents of iPhone or iPad apps, text messages, the iPhone’s call history (with limits), and Contacts.

It even gives you options to view photos.

iBackup Viewer Photos

There are some advantages to using iBackup Viewer as a back door to your iPhone or iPad’s data. Text messages can be copied back to the Mac and saved as a text file.

The same holds true with call history. And Contacts can be added to Contacts on your Mac (makes for a good backup system).

It’s a fun and free way to extract files from your iDevice, rummage through files for fun, or simply get rid of duplicates in Contacts or iTunes.