Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The iPod To Mac Backup App You Don’t Need Until Your Really Need It

TouchCopyHave you ever lost photos? A few years ago I was on a trip and collected hundreds of photos on the camera’s flash card.

Something went wonky and the photos disappeared when trying to copy them to iPhoto on my Mac.

Losing hundreds of vacation photos is a memorable occasion but not one you’d want to repeat. So, I scoured the web and found a little app that mounts connected storage devices on a Mac and finds lost photos. The app cost me $50 but it seemed worth it at the time as it retrieve virtually all the formerly lost photos.

What if you keep all your music on your iPod and your Mac dies. How easy is it to backup music from the iPod or iPhone to your Mac? That’s what TouchCopy does. This isn’t the kind of app you’ll use every week. It’s more for emergencies than a routine backup (hence the price tag). But if your Mac’s storage has corrupted and you fear the lost of music, videos, apps, messages, contacts, iBooks, photos, and more, then TouchCopy is the app you’ll probably want (despite the price tag).


Plug your iPod or iPhone into a new Mac (it also works on Windows PCs), and you’re greeted with a Windows-like interface (translation: confusing), that despite the clutter, does copy contents to a new Mac.

Pretty much everything you want can be copied back to the Mac. That means most of the important contents of an iPod touch or iPhone can be safely restored. Photos, music, videos, apps, even iBooks, as well as Calendar, iMessage, Contacts, and more.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use TouchCopy, but keep this page bookmarked for future reference. Remember Murphy’s Law: ‘Whatever can go wrong, will.’