Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 2nd Easiest Way To Clean Your Mac’s Desktop (first is easy, not best)

Desktop TidyIsn’t it remarkable how much the digital world emulates the real world? We manage events in Calendar. Contacts looks like an address book.

Even the Mac’s Desktop– with all the files, folders, snippets, photos, and more– is managed like a real desktop. The O’Brien condo has a slightly oversized desk which, over time, becomes the repository for anything and everything not filed away. Yet. Sound familiar? Well, we do the same on our Macs.

The Desktop gets littered to the point of confusion (just below chaos), and then I stuff everything– files, folders, snippets, photos, and more– into a folder on the Desktop (which is itself a folder). Is there a better way?

Desktop Tidy. Apparently, a Mac app developer has had exactly the same problem as we have with the O’Brien family monstrosity desk, and a similar problem with the Mac’s Desktop, hence Desktop Tidy, the app that cleans and organizes files on the Mac’s Desktop.

How it works is simple, but the feature list is long. Whatever you put on the Desktop gets moved to Desktop Tidy, so the Desktop remains clear of clutter (if only there were a way to do that to the desk in our condo).

Desktop Tidy

Desktop Tidy organizes files according to your settings. Set up an ignore list to leave certain files on the Desktop.

It works using a Shadow Desktop which is visible with a click, but otherwise, out of the way. One click is all it takes to move a file or folder back to the Mac’s Desktop.

In other words, it’s easy to use right away, without configuration or filters or anything, but as you use it, adding filters and changing settings makes Desktop Tidy more useful.

And, the Desktop stays uncluttered so you can enjoy the Mac’s wallpaper again.