Thursday, December 6, 2012

How To Plan A Vacation Getaway With The Bellhop In Your Mac

BellhopIt’s that time of year again when the city becomes a multi-month meat locker freezer and Chicagoland residents begin to look south for relief.

Chicago is home but it’s also too cold, too hot, too wet or too dry (and often too windy) so planning a getaway vacation is an age old tradition.

That’s when the O’Brien’s begin foraging through the travel sites looking for mid-winter vacation bargains. This year we’re letting the bellhop do most of the work. As in, the Bellhop app in my Mac.

I’ve always dreamed of having a single travel site to visit that finds the best deals on airplane tickets and hotel reservations. Bellhop is half way there. It digs into Expedia,, TripAdvisor, TravelNow to find and book hotels.

As Mac apps go, Bellhop is decent and useful.


Use the sidebar controls to search for hotel rooms by rate, location, property, rating, or customer satisfaction.

Bookmark what you don’t want to book at the moment so you can continue to search.


Not only does Bellhop display reviews, but it’s more useful beyond the search and book. The built-in organizer can print or email receipts, update or cancel reservations, and plays nice-nice with hotel chains.

Why an app instead of a web site? No logins, no passwords, instant search and access. I’d truly love to find a single site or single app that does it all, but that’s more Nirvana than reality. Bellhop is half way there.