Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Get Rich Playing The Simple Game Of Bingo On Your Mac

BingoLas Vegas loves people like me. You know why there are so many glitzy hotels and who helps to pay for all those bright lights? Gamblers like me. My success in Las Vegas is about the same as jumping real high in an attempt to get to the moon. Trying a little more with each jump doesn’t make it happen.

So, I’m taking a little advice from a dear, sweat relative, and confining my gambling, or, rather, anemic attempts at gambling to games like Bingo. Playing Bingo on a Mac is the safest way to get rich. Instead of losing money, you’ll just have fun. Play bingo for 60 or 70 years instead of going to Las Vegas and you’ll be a richer person for it.

Bingo fanatics, rejoice. Bingo Caller Pro for Mac or Windows can help you run a complete Bingo game for fun or profit. It’s Bingo on your Mac.

Bingo Caller Pro

Using the Mac’s built-in text to speech option, Bingo Caller Pro can call out the Bingo numbers. Wild numbers are allowed. Last called number is displayed, as well as the next number.

Pretty much every Bingo feature you can think of is included in the Pro version, but there’s Bingo Caller at half the price and with fewer features. The developer also has an app that does custom bingo sheets.

Bingo Caller Pro

Admittedly, Bingo Caller Pro is not for everyone. The deciding factor in whether to play bingo or not seems to be based upon the amount of gray hair a person has, or a high level of boredom.

Or, as in my case, a desire not to lose any more money on one armed bandits in Las Vegas.