Friday, December 28, 2012

How This Clever, Free App Can Help You Become A Mac Power User

AlfredWhen a Mac app wins all sorts of awards you’d expect it to be an app for the masses, right? That’s what Alfred is not.

This remarkable utility can transform how you use your Mac and turn you into a power user without a click to the mouse or trackpad. In fact, that’s Alfred’s strong suit. It’s a utility that keeps your fingers on the keyboard.

Alfred has something of a dual personality, too. It’s free, which is good. And it lets you set up keyboard shortcuts so you can launch apps, open files, select contacts and bookmarks, play music, and much more– without your fingers leaving the keyboard.

If you can press the Command-key and a number, you’re halfway there.


On top of that, Alfred can search your Mac, empty the Trash, restart, shutdown, calculate, spell, and even search the web. Again, just with your fingers on the keyboard, sans mouse or trackpad.

Not bad for free, right? Well, almost free. Alfred the app is free but most of the power user functionality comes in what’s known as a PowerPack, which has a powerful price tag.

Alfred has picked up on the latest trend in the Mac App Store. Free apps that don’t do much until you add the functionality upgrade.

Don’t get me wrong. Alfred is a very good utility and if you incorporate the functions into your Mac workflow you’ll be more productive. But free just doesn’t mean what it used to mean.