Friday, December 7, 2012

How Do You Track Carbs On A Mac? There’s A Carbydacious App For That

CarbydaciousThere are a few things I can count on for every holiday season. Weather in Chicago will be unpredictable (too much of whatever; just not sure what it will be).

Some gifts will get returned. All the family gatherings include too many foods with carbohydrates. In recent years, that last one has become habitual. This year it took until summer vacation to lose the weight gained from the holidays last year.

And I just lost the weight gained from the summer vacation– just in time for the holidays. It’s a vicious circle. What to do? Carbydacious.

Whatever you think of the Atkins diet or any diet that restricts carbohydrates, it works for many, including me. Carbydacious is a Mac app that tracks the daily intake of carbs and protein, and keeping the right balance of both is critical.


There’s not much to Carbydacious, hence the remarkably low price tag. It comes with a list of meals from both the Atkins New Diet Revolution and Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Atkins Diet (but actual recipes are not included).

All Carbydacious really does is let you check the carbs and protein for each meal so you get a quick visual look at safe parameters. And for that, it works very well.

There are plenty of diet and exercise and calorie tracking apps for Mac users, but it seems the key to losing a little weight and keeping it off is tracking what you eat, and adjusting intake accordingly.