Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Try The Old Fashioned Way To Manage A Bulletin Board On Your Mac

PinConsidering that the Mac is a modern miracle of the 21st century, we Mac users choose some interesting ways to make our favorite computer work for us.

Every Mac user I know uses Stickies, Apple’s version of digital Post-It Notes for the Mac’s screen. For whatever reason we seem to take objects from the real world of atoms and place them in front of our eyes in the digital realm of the Mac’s screen.

Do you have a bulletin board at home or work of reminders, notes, events, lists, and other goodies too valuable to throw away? Of course you do.

Add Pin to your Mac and get a digital bulletin board of the pin and cork variety.


To be fair about a comparison to Stickies, Pin is actually attractive and useful. Open as many bulletin boards as you need (one for personal use, one for business, etc.).

Pin up notes to Pin, drop in images, create reminders or shopping lists– do pretty much whatever you’d do with a cork bulletin board on your refrigerator.

Switch from cork background to a different background. Pin files can be saved on iCloud for backup. One feature I adore is making Pin go fullscreen. It even sends notifications to yourself.

Pin is useful, easy to setup, and costs only a few dollars, but it’s just above the threshold for throwaway apps and needs a trial version.