Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How To Use Notification Center To Receive RSS Subscription Notifications On A Mac

Reader NotifierAs nice as Flipboard is to use on my iPad, I’m not quite ready to declare RSS subscriptions as ancient technology (despite having been born in the last century). RSS feeds have some functions which are useful to any Mac user who slaves over a hot keyboard all day.

Besides, there’s no Flipboard app for the Mac so we have to get our daily news fix the old fashioned way. On the Mac’s screen. I’m always looking for a way to be a little more efficient with the daily mouse, trackpad, and keyboard work.

This weekend I updated Reader Notifier on my Mac and I’m pleased with my newfound ability to do more with less.

Reader Notifier is an RSS feed reader. Big whoop, right? They’re a dime a dozen. Good ones are free. Very good ones only cost a few dollars. Reader Notifier is free. It integrates RSS feeds into OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.

Reader Notifier

Instead of stopping whatever you’re doing and digging into a standalone RSS feed reader app, let Reader Notifier drop the latest feed headlines into Notification Center.

You’ll need a Google Reader account, of course. That’s where Reader Notifier gets the feeds. As feeds are updated throughout the day you’ll get notices in Notification Center. Click an alert or notice and the details pop up in your Mac’s browser.

That’s an efficient way to keep tabs on what’s going on without leaving what you’re currently working on until you’re really curious.