Monday, November 26, 2012

How The Free, Triple Threat Timer For Your Mac Improves Your Life

InerziaWhat is more difficult that rising out of bed on a cold and windy winter morning in Chicago? It’s probably trying to get out of bed in Siberia in the winter.

That’s why it pays to have a very good alarm clock. Rejoice, dear Mac user. Here’s a free timer for the Mac which triples as an alarm clock, a countdown timer, and a chronometer, all rolled up into one nicely done package without so much as a hint of a price tag.

InerziaTimer is one of those very simple, yet very useful Mac timer apps that can do more than one time act at a time.

This is a timer that’s actually easy to setup and use. The preferences are more complicated than the timer.


Let me start with the alarm clock function. Select a date and time and click the Set button. While the alarm clock is running you can still use the countdown and chronometer settings.

Coundown is limited to 24-hours and InerziaTimer must be running to work. Quit the app and the timing quits, too. Select a sound to play at the end of countdown, or, have InerziaTimer speak something.

Chronometer is used to measure intervals, such as laps. Not only does it record a lap, but will record an average lap (who carries a Mac wherever someone is doing laps?).

InerziaTimer doesn’t take up much screen space on your Mac, and it’s a no-brainer operation to set the alarm or countdown with a click.

I use a timer on my Mac to keep track of what I’m working on and how long it takes. All that for free.