Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Do You Unclutter The Clutter On Your Mac’s Desktop? Unclutter Unclutters

UnclutterMy Mac’s Desktop has three distinct modes. Cluttered. Uncluttered. And somewhere in between– either on the way to being cluttered, or on the way to being uncluttered.

As the day goes on I drop items on the Desktop for later retrieval. Photos, movie clips, folders, files and folders, snippets of text, reminders, notes. You know the routine, right? By the end of the day the Desktop is cluttered, I’m forced to clean it and organize it a bit, then repeat the process.

I’ve been looking around for an unflattering app; a way to organize what’s on the Desktop as I work, rather than a big chore at the end of the day.

Unclutter hit my list this week and this is on you might enjoy using if you have the Desktop clutter gene.

Unclutter acts like a pocket (or, a denim clad box) that resides at the top of your Mac’s screen. Move the Mac’s screen pointer to the top of the screen, and Unclutter drops down. Drop all your Desktop items into Unclutter’s clipboard, notes, or file storage windows.

Unclutter Windows

That’s all there is too it. Unclutter removes the clutter before it clutters up the Desktop– assuming you use Unclutter while you’re gathering clutter.

It stores clipboard items, files, notes and text, and they’re all just a screen pointer movement away. Unclutter is clever and useful.


  1. mickey says

    I used to use the folder method. Simply grab all the files and stuff them into a folder on the desktop. Presto! Clean desktop. After awhile it became difficult to find files in the folder because the folder was cluttered. So I added separate folders in the folder and organized the files. Then the folder’s folders became cluttered. Sigh.