Wednesday, August 22, 2012

6 Reasons Minco Time Tracker For Mac Might Be The Time Tracker App You Need

Minco Time TrackerIf time is money then a Mac app that tracks your time means more money for you. What’s not to like about that?

Mac users can choose from a dozen or so very capable time tracking apps but few of them work well with Calendar (formerly iCal). Since most Mac users already use Calendar, why not have a Mac time tracking app that integrates nicely with Apple’s built-in tools for Mac and iPhone?

This month I’ve been trying out time tracking apps on my Mac. Some are expensive and complex. Others are more like todo list managers with alerts.

In between is Minco, the time tracking app that has a slightly different approach.

Minco assumes you already use Calendar and Reminders on your Mac or iPhone. Both are included with OS X and iOS.

Both are easy to use and probably in use already by most Mac owners. If tracking your time is important for billing purposes, then Minco makes good use of tools you already know how to use.

Minco resides in the Mac’s Menubar. Create a task in Minco then drag and drop it into Calendar to set the schedule for the task. Minco collects data for each task from Calendar.

Minco in Menubar

All your work tasks are scheduled in Calendar so they’re easy to track and Minco manages the data. Because you’re using Reminders and Calendar for tasks in a project, both Mac and iPhone stay in sync via iCloud.

Simply use Calendar to schedule and manage the time assigned to each task. Minco lets you add new tasks, edit tasks, and complete tasks from the drop down Menubar.

If you’re a data wonk, Minco also exports data as CSV files when each task is completed so you can add them to an accounting or billing app as needed. Tasks can be assigned tags for easier sorting by account or job.

You don’t have to worry about setting a timer because you’re using Calendar to manage the time assigned to a task.

The two most important things about Minco that make it a good choice for any Mac user who bills for time is the integration with apps I already use– Calendar and Reminders. And, the counter display which shows elapsed time on a task as revenue. Cha-ching!


  1. Nick F. says

    I believe that indeed time is money especially to freelancer who work on hourly rate. The more tasks they can finish for a client the more they will earn. However, not only freelancers should use these tools. It is also good to an individual who wants to be productive. I also use some time tracking tool that can be use on Mac. First I tried Toggl and it works great and easy to use but at the end I feel that there is still something missing. Then, I bumped to this tool Timedoctor, which tracks time accurately on where exactly I spent time and how much of that time was productive and unproductive. Been trying there trial for almost a week now and it works great.