Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mac User Fetish For Features Of The Past

You think you know your Mac inside and out? OK, when did Apple drop the rounded screen corners in favor of the crisp and clear right angles of today’s Mac?

I didn’t know either, and had to look it up (pre-Leopard).

Rounded screen corners? Yes, that was the way of the Mac up until just a few years ago. The Mac’s screen featured rounded corners, especially visible on the Menubar.

Today’s Macs are different. It’s corner to corner with no rounded at all. Here’s your chance to bring back the glory of yesteryear with Displaperture, the little Mac utility which gives your Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion Mac rounded corners.

It all looks something like this. Squared corners on the left Mac, and highly rounded corners on the right most Mac screen:


That’s it. Displaperture gives you options to round each of the four corners. You can even choose the radii from subtle to silly. And choose which corners. It even works on Macs with multiple displays.

Why would you do this?

Honestly, it must be some kind of historical fetish for Mac features of a bygone era. There’s absolutely no valid workplace productivity reason to have rounded corners on the Mac’s screen vs. the squared corners of modern Macs.

It’s yet another very inexpensive (as in free) way to add a personalized touch to your Mac, a visible touch that sets your Mac apart from the Mac masses. As if anyone gave a big whoop. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.