The Problem With Renaming Files On A Mac

Better Finder Rename

Changing the name of a file on the Mac is easy, right? Select the file in the Finder, press Enter, type in the new name, done. What if you want to rename a doze files? Or, a hundred files. The simple Finder-based file rename process suddenly became a tedious chore. There’s got to be a … Continue Reading »

Got Photos? Make Frames, Not War


The walls of our home are filled with windows, bookshelves, framed posters (we can’t afford real paintings), and photos. We spent plenty of money on the frames for our photos but we’ve long since run out of wall space. Instead, we’ve created photo frames for our special photos and run them as screensavers, or a … Continue Reading »

I Dare You To Try The Mac Drawing App For Rich Kids


Mac app developers deserve their day in the sun, and a good application is usually worthy of a price tag. Enter KidsPainter, one of many, many entry-level Mac drawing apps for kids which have more or less all the same tools. As drawing apps go, KidsPainter won’t wow you or your kids in any category … Continue Reading »

Plaster For Mac Customizes Folders; It’s Quirky, Fun, And Free


Maybe I’m becoming a bit jaded or at least a more experienced Mac user, but I don’t get excited over new applications these days as I once did. I’m not excited over Plaster, either, but it’s free, works well, and does what it does well enough compared to other Mac apps that actually have a … Continue Reading »

How To Type Faster On A Mac Than You Can Really Type


A few years ago I hit the wall. Much of my day is devoted to slaving over a hot keyboard, and I found I could only type so fast. What to do? I tried a few Mac keyboard enhancement tools and settled upon the very inexpensive aText app. Simply put, aText lets you type faster … Continue Reading »

The Fatal Flaw Of Another Good Mac Writing App


I don’t know how many Mac writing tools have the word “Write” or “text” in the title, but it’s more than a few. All of them have a few things in common. For example, they claim to be less than Microsoft Word. Minimalist is the new buzzword, which is the old buzzword for ‘not too … Continue Reading »

Let Your Mac Teach You Yoga

Pocket Yoga

Religious issues aside, yoga can be good for your body, which makes it good for you. Think of it as a physical and spiritual method which brings mind and body together. My iPhone is home to a few Yoga apps which, when I’m in the mood to exercise and stretch a bit, I point to … Continue Reading »

Shazam Comes To The Mac


If you have music on your iPhone then you likely have tried and probably still use Shazam for iOS. There’s no easier or faster way to discover the songs you can hear but can’t identify. Put Shazam for Mac on Auto and it hears what you hear, then finds the song for you. That’s what … Continue Reading »

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