An Easy Way To Turn A Photo Into Comic Book Art

Pop Dot Comics

Regular readers will remember I’ve written about a personal artistic passion many times. Apparently, graphic designers need to have something known as ‘talent‘ to make it in the world. Since finding that out I’ve dabbled in the graphics world, collect all the proper apps, and have a large screen iMac to practice. Second on my … Continue Reading »

Think Better, Work Better, Organize Better With A Tree On Your Mac


The deeper into adulthood we go the more we realize that much of what we were taught in school– at least in schools back in the day– was actually good for us. Take outlines as an example. Most of us were taught to use the typical hierarchical outline of the collapsing tree variety. Most of … Continue Reading »

Free: How To Complicate The Cloud With Convenience


Last week I went to a visit to the doctor. Nothing serious. A little sinus congestion, a cold, and an earache. Typical for a Chicago winter. My doctor wanted to show me some details on a new procedure and entered the website’s URL into Google. Think about that for a moment. Why not enter the … Continue Reading »

Free: How A Mac Utility Can Give You More Time Each Day


Computers are supposed to help us become more productive and efficient and yada yada yada blah blah blah. So, why do we waste so much time on our increasing number of computing devices? Mac, Windows PCs, smartphones, tablets. Is it any wonder that as a nation our television viewing has gone down? We’re too busy … Continue Reading »

Use This Mac App To Do What You Read Daily

Comic Life

As faithful and regular readers already know, and the rest of you are about to find out, my chosen avocation is graphic designer. It was my desire to become a professional artist or graphic designer but I found out that requires actual talent. Instead of living the dream I slave away for the man, dabble … Continue Reading »

Cheap: How To Manage Your Email From The Mac’s Menubar


Here’s the deal and it’s one we can all agree upon, right? Email is bad for your health. At best it’s tedious. Normally it’s just frustrating. At worst it can cause mail rage which is like road rage but aimed at the seemingly bottomless inbox. So, I have two ideas on how we can eliminate … Continue Reading »

Stuff I Collect On My Mac


One of my closest friends is a real life graphic designer of the Photoshop and Illustrator class. She collects fonts. I’m a graphic designer wannabe who slaves over a hot keyboard deep within the bowels of a cubicle farm and I have a collection, too. Themes. Templates. The more the merrier. Without doing a scientific … Continue Reading »

The Best $5 Mac Timer Money Can Buy


To more than a few of us, time is money. That means we make more money by managing time better, and by better tracking tasks and projects for clients or employers. Who does a Mac user track time? Fortunately, we have a dozen or so timer apps that range from free to crazy expensive, but … Continue Reading »

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