Free: Another Way To Flip Through Flickr Photos On A Mac


One of the absolute bargains of the 21st century is Flickr. You remember Flickr, right? It’s that clever online photo and video hosting service that everyone loved, and Yahoo! loved more, bought it, then the love faded. Love springs eternal, folks, and a year or so ago Yahoo! and Flickr got back together, reunited their … Continue Reading »

A Mac App So Good It Screams The Need For An iOS Version


From time to time I’ll run into a Mac app that’s been around awhile and asked myself, “Where have you been all my life?” even though I’m not anywhere near finishing up all my life. In other words, it’s an app that is so good you want to tell friends and neighbors about it because … Continue Reading »

Why Not Sync The Clipboard Between Each Of Apple’s Devices?


Here’s an idea whose time has come. Clipboard syncing between each of Apple’s devices– Mac, iPhone, iPad. Clipboard syncing? Why not? We sync Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Keychain, and other valuable pieces of information between our Apple gadgets. What’s one more? Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t even believe in multiple clipboards. The Mac’s clipboard does pretty much what … Continue Reading »

Apple’s iPad Needs A Mouse

iPad Needs A Mouse

Wait! What? Isn’t the whole idea of using an iPad to get away from keyboard, mouse, or trackpad input? Until brain waves can be harnessed, isn’t the whole idea to use a finger to touch the iPad’s screen to navigate? Yes to all the above, but hear me out. Apple’s iPad needs a mouse. Just … Continue Reading »

How To Get Instagram On Your Mac


Who doesn’t like Instagram? It’s free, it’s like Facebook but only for quick photos, you control who views your photos and movie clips, and over time you end up with a growing collection of photographs that like everything else, could use a little management. The only real problem with Instagram is the ‘instant’ part of … Continue Reading »

A Mac Pro Level Paint, Draw, And Image Editor For $6 (hurry; or don’t)

Paint Pro

Far be it from me, a graphic designer wannabe, to rag on a Mac app that tries to be more than it is and fails, despite a price tag that should tell you what you’re getting probably won’t be praiseworthy. After all, these days you can buy graphic Mac apps like Pixelmator, iDraw, or Affinity … Continue Reading »

Can You Name This Song?

Name This Tune

Do you ever play ‘Name that tune?’ It’s easy. Flip iTunes music to shuffle and the first one to name the song that’s playing wins. This is a great game to play when you’re driving around, but you can do the same kind of thing with the free Name This Tune game for your Mac. … Continue Reading »

Apple: The Tech Company With A Few Product Storage Problems


Our beloved MacBook Pro with Retina display, the Mac we love to use at home and one the road, ran out of disk space over the weekend. Who’s to blame? Apple, of course. The company continues to build new products which require ever more storage space, which gets used up faster than the great masses … Continue Reading »

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