How Microsoft’s Crazy New Strategy Might Work


You know what they say, right? “What goes around, comes around.” Here’s another favorite. “What goes up must come down.” My list of technology companies that I love to bash has grown through the years. Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Amazon. All were up, now they’re down. Well, guess what? Microsoft is back, baby. Uh, um, anyway; … Continue Reading »

How To Rip The Color From Photos


Nearly every Mac graphics app or photo enhancement app has an option to strip the color from a photograph. So, why would you pay money for an app that does nothing else? Good question. But in the spirit of different strokes for different folks I tried Monochrome for Mac. As the name suggests, Monochrome rips … Continue Reading »

5 Ways To Use And Love This Mac Menubar Task Timer


Sometimes while I’m working on my Mac all I need is a little timer to remind me to get certain tasks done. Reminders in OS X (and iPhone and iPad) can do the job but isn’t always handy. Enter ‘hr‘. That’s right. ‘hr’. Like HR but with no caps. hr is a task timer that … Continue Reading »

If You Could Have Only One Mac Photo App, Make It This One

FX Photo Studio

iPhone users have hundreds of photo enhancement apps that can turn the most mundane photo into a work of art. What about Mac users? We have choices, but not as many, and we pay more for the privilege. If you could only have one photo enhancement app on your Mac (and you’d rather not pay … Continue Reading »

Why Your Psychiatrist Will Hate This Mac App


Who knows your personality better than your mother? Your psychiatrist? Perhaps. One thing is for sure, though. Your psychiatrist would rather you not spend money on a Mac app that tests your personality because that might put a dent in his or her $300 an hour practice. No, I’m not equating the benefits psychiatry with … Continue Reading »

How To Get A New Feature From Your Mac’s Dock Without A Click


We can argue until the cows come home about the best way to navigate through apps, folders, and files on a Mac, but the Dock in OS X is both familiar and simple to use for nearly every experience level. Other than some eye candy and improved icons Apple hasn’t done much to enhance the … Continue Reading »

An Easy Way To Check A Mac’s Stats


Under normal daily conditions I tend to avoid the geekier side of Mac utility apps. First, they’re too easy to collect and clutter up the Menubar. Second, they cost money and tend to get ignored over time. Imagine my surprise when I bought exactly that. A Menubar utility, but instead of cluttering up the Menubar … Continue Reading »

Another View Of Apple’s New MacBook

Apple and the Mac

Apple says it reinvented the notebook with the new MacBook, a smaller version of the popular notebook line with a higher price and lower specifications. My fear is that Apple is adopting Apple policies of the past, designing, building, and selling beautiful machines that are a little more style and a little less substance. There’s … Continue Reading »

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