How To Lock And Unlock A Mac As You Come And Go


Now this is what I’m talking about. I call it ‘proximity smarts.’ Your iPhone or Mac can trigger specific functions depending on your location. In this particular case the app TokenLock locks or unlocks your Mac as you leave or come back to your Mac. Automatically. How cool is that? The way TokenLock works is … Continue Reading »

A Few Words About Quicken 2015

Quicken 2015

Remember when Intuit’s Quicke money management app for the Mac was useful and fun to use? The latest Mac version of Quicken still doesn’t match the Windows version but Intuit wants more money. What happened? The last decent version of Quicken for the Mac aired in 2007, then Intuit went dark and Mac users scrambled … Continue Reading »

12 Things To Love About This Intuitive Mac Outliner App


Alright, #12 is out of the bag already. Scribe is an intuitive Mac outliner app. That means if you know anything at all about outlines, you know how to use Scribe. That leaves plenty of other useful features, though, starting with keyboard shortcuts. If you’re not a Mac outliner power user, no worries. The menus … Continue Reading »

Guess What ‘Tidy Up’ Does On A Mac

Tidy Up

My Mac is probably not organized to the pristine level. My Documents folder is well organized, the result of many years of adding files, losing files, and learning to, well, organize better. The rest of my Mac’s files– Movies, Music, Pictures– I keep in their respective iLife apps, and there’s a bit of clutter here … Continue Reading »

The Problem With Renaming Files On A Mac

Better Finder Rename

Changing the name of a file on the Mac is easy, right? Select the file in the Finder, press Enter, type in the new name, done. What if you want to rename a doze files? Or, a hundred files. The simple Finder-based file rename process suddenly became a tedious chore. There’s got to be a … Continue Reading »

Got Photos? Make Frames, Not War


The walls of our home are filled with windows, bookshelves, framed posters (we can’t afford real paintings), and photos. We spent plenty of money on the frames for our photos but we’ve long since run out of wall space. Instead, we’ve created photo frames for our special photos and run them as screensavers, or a … Continue Reading »

I Dare You To Try The Mac Drawing App For Rich Kids


Mac app developers deserve their day in the sun, and a good application is usually worthy of a price tag. Enter KidsPainter, one of many, many entry-level Mac drawing apps for kids which have more or less all the same tools. As drawing apps go, KidsPainter won’t wow you or your kids in any category … Continue Reading »

Plaster For Mac Customizes Folders; It’s Quirky, Fun, And Free


Maybe I’m becoming a bit jaded or at least a more experienced Mac user, but I don’t get excited over new applications these days as I once did. I’m not excited over Plaster, either, but it’s free, works well, and does what it does well enough compared to other Mac apps that actually have a … Continue Reading »

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