Use This App To Create A Professional Logo On Your Mac


In a past life, back in the days of wine and roses and college courses, I had the desire to become a graphic designer. It was all the rage when Photoshop was young. As most of us find out too late to do much about it, reality bites. Adulthood is not what it’s cracked up … Continue Reading »

Why The Competition Is So Afraid Of Apple

Fearing Apple

What is it about Apple that brings out the worst in the company’s many competitors? Think about Apple’s place in the tech world. Among PC makers, Apple has barely 15-percent marketshare. Among smartphone makers, Apple has barely 15-percent marketshare. Among tablet makers… well, you get the idea, right? At first glance, the fear of Apple … Continue Reading »

How To Copy And Paste Between iPhone Apps And Your Mac


There are times when I’m working on my iPhone or iPad and I find a snippet of text I’d like to put on my Mac. How? Evernote works. So do a dozen or so notes-taking apps that work on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and sync up your notes between devices. There’s also the ClipAgent method. … Continue Reading »

How To View All Mac Apps, One Window, One Click Launch


What’s wrong with the Dock on your Mac? Nothing, really. Well, OK. One thing. One big thing. The app icons on the Dock get smaller as you add applications. Sure, a few tools exist to give you multiple Docks, but it is what it is. A shrinking digital violet that does not grow as your … Continue Reading »

‘If You Truly Loved Me, You’d Buy Me This Watch!’

Apple Watch

How does the new Apple Watch compare to other smartwatches on the market? How does it compare to other watches, luxury or otherwise? Here’s the biggest way Apple Watch is different. I want one. Yes, I have watches; half a dozen or so, but they’re combo devices– watch and jewelry, very basic functions with various … Continue Reading »

How To Improve The Mac’s Dock With Customizable Tabs

Tab Launcher

The Mac’s Dock is fine with me. It’s simple, usable, mildly customizable, and gets out of the way if you want. If there’s a problem at all it’s more in the trend to have many apps and not enough screen space to display them all in the Dock. So, what the Dock needs is some … Continue Reading »

How To Cook Up Some Mac Magic


Mac users belong to the Cult of Apple, therefore, we’re believers in magic and pixie dust and unicorns. And we like to eat. What better way to satisfy your palate than a digital cookbook, cooked up on your Mac (and in the kitchen, on non-digital devices)? As much as I like to cook, and I … Continue Reading »

This Is Totally Old School But Fun: Rip DVDs To Your Mac

Max DVDRipper Pro

Call me a bit self deprecating, but here’s how I figure it. If I can do it, you can do it, and that includes something exciting and quasi-legal– like ripping DVDs to your Mac. Why would anyone rip DVDs to their Mac? Legalities aside, getting a DVD movie copied to your Mac has plenty of … Continue Reading »

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