Whatever Happened To Net Neutrality? Follow The Money Trail

Net Neutrality's Money Trail

Remember ‘net neutrality?’ It was all the rage just a few years ago. While most internet users probably don’t care much about the topic, it’s an important issue for our time. Why do I care? My husband works for a telecommunications company. What affects him, affects me, so here we are. The idea behind net … Continue Reading »

Put Mac Storage On A Diet For Less Than A Dollar

Disk Diet

I chose the disk icon to the left for a reason. In computers, things change. Remember when the Mac and PC world meant floppy disks? Apple hasn’t had a floppy disk on a Mac since probably the last century, yet many apps let you save files to the ‘disk’ by clicking a flopping disk icon. … Continue Reading »

The Starbucks Method Comes To Mac Writing Tools

OmmWriter Dana

One night last week I talked to a relative on the phone. It was early in the evening and she had just returned from Wendy’s. Wednesday is chili night. She had chili and coffee; both for less than $3.00. That struck me as interesting because I did a Starbucks run after lunch and that cost … Continue Reading »

32 Ways to Love This One-Click Calendar For The Mac


I worry that we Mac users may have reached the point of diminishing returns. There’s nothing really wrong with Apple’s built-in Calendar app. One click and it’s there, full screen, in all it’s up-to-31-days of visual glory. Why, then, are there so many Calendar add-ons of the ACalendar variety? For less than the price of … Continue Reading »

ScreenFloat Is The Mac Screenshot App Like You’ve Never Seen


Got Stickies? Of course you do. Stickies is free with every Mac, an OS X staple from many years ago. What Stickies does that I like (and where I use it the most) is act like an onscreen digital shelf; Post-it-like notes to hold screenshots, photos or images, even snippets of text or links until … Continue Reading »

Unibox: It’s Time To Do Something Good To Email Apps


If you use Apple’s Mail for Mac OS X, then you’re in good company because that’s what most of us use. From time to time I’ll dilly and dally with a different email app, an action born of the daily frustration of, well, you know. Email. I’m beginning to think the problem with email isn’t … Continue Reading »

Put A Tiny Alarm Clock In Your Mac’s Menubar Because Less Is More


How times change. Or, rather, how time changes. The information superhighway has given way to the misinformation superhighway. Technology becomes ever more complex, complicated and frustrating. Is it any wonder Apple has sold halve a billion iOS devices in just a few short years. Small is beautiful. Less is more. In keeping with the theme … Continue Reading »

The Search To Replace The Mac’s Best Word Processor Value


How do you replace The Best Free Word Processor The World Has Ever Seen? I’m in the midst of a thorough search to replace my beloved Bean, which, though still available, is, alas, no longer being developed. That’s a shame. Bean was the 21st century version of WriteNow but without a price tag. Some might … Continue Reading »

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