Yes, Kids, Here’s Yet Another Mac Notes App (free)


I love apps that take notes. Word is too complicated. Pages is too cluttered. TextEdit is too spartan. Evernote has grown complex. Even OS X’s built-in Notes app just isn’t enough to keep all my notes. Here’s another Mac notes app which is decent as free notes apps go, and it comes with one feature … Continue Reading »

Create A Color Palette From A Photo

Color Palette

As a bona fide, red-white-and-blue American wannabe graphic designer, I have more than my share of clever utilities which do one thing, don’t cost much, don’t take time to learn, but do that one thing very well. If you have a Mac, a graphic gene or two, and a few designer apps to help you … Continue Reading »

A New Way To Look At Photo Management On Your Mac


How many ways can you view photos on your Mac? The traditional way is through iPhoto (or, for more advanced photographers, Adobe Lightroom or Apple’s lame duck Aperture). You can’t beat free but iPhoto has shortcomings if you’re a Mac user with many tens of thousands of photos to sort through and manage, and hundreds … Continue Reading »

Free: Customize The Mac’s Dock


Who started the personal computer revolution? Apple says Apple started it all way back in the day. So, how is it that the Mac (and iPhone and iPad) is the least customizable personal computer you can buy (admittedly, there’s only Windows PCs, Linux PCs, and now Chromebooks vying for attention these days)? Apple’s idea of … Continue Reading »

First, Fruit Roll-ups And Now Windows Roll-ups For Macs


One casualty of the golden age of applications for the Mac is screen clutter. App windows are everywhere because we use so many different apps these days. Despite the advent of Retina displays with umpteen gazillion pixels on the display, screen real estate remains a valuable commodity which we clutter up with app after app … Continue Reading »

Free: How To Sip Color On A Mac


Every self respecting and respected Mac graphics designer has one thing in common. Multiple tools. Including color pickers. Even the lest respected graphic designer wannabes keep multiple color pickers, including yours truly. Among my favorites is Sip, a free Menubar color picker for the Mac with a few Think Different™ options you’ll find useful, including … Continue Reading »

Acorn: The Seed Of A Great Mac Image Editor For Photos And Graphics


So, you need to do some image editing on your Mac, and you’re on a budget, and Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, though far less expensive than paying for a full sized Photoshop remains too expensive, and you still need an app with a modest learning curve, and enough tools to do the job. Plant an Acorn … Continue Reading »

Check Out The Mac’s Dock Donut

Ring Menu

There are times when you can do something but need to ask the question, “Why?” Let’s take the Mac’s Dock as an example. Why is the Dock tucked up against the bottom or side of the screen? Apple’s answer might be as simple as, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” However, I suspect there’s … Continue Reading »

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