Booklets: A PDF App That Does What Most PDF Apps Cannot


Every now and then I run into a utility app for the Mac that is just so obvious in both simplicity and usability that I’m surprised the same features don’t show up in dozens of apps already. That’s the case with BookletCreator, a PDF utility that takes a regular PDF document and, well, creates a … Continue Reading »

How iTranslate Makes The World A Little Smaller


Here’s a little advice to start the week. If you’re about to travel, or planning to travel to any destination where the natives speak a language different than your own, get iTranslate for Mac or iPhone. This remarkably inexpensive translator and dictionary app is one of the most popular for iOS devices and now available … Continue Reading »

Manage Music Without iTunes


There once was a time when I loved iTunes. Remember Rip. Mix. Burn? Those were the good old days of managing songs and playlists, long before iTunes became the world’s largest media mall. Can you manage music on your Mac without using iTunes? Yes. And no. Like iPhoto, iTunes remains the storage database for music, … Continue Reading »

On Living Without Google

Life Without Google

Well, that was easy. A week ago I read a couple of articles on how Google tracks users, collects personal data, and sells the information to the highest bidder. To Google, most of us are the product, not the customer. The more I thought about that the more it began to bother me so I … Continue Reading »

How Apple’s Steve Jobs Threw Google Under A Bus

Steve Jobs

Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad just turned six years old. Congratulations. But the App Store wasn’t meant to be. At least, not back in the early days of the iPhone. I have a somewhat unique theory about Apple and Google and how the top executives at each company decided to carve up … Continue Reading »

Free And Easy Backup For The Mac

Backup To Go

When it comes to my Mac I’m a sucker for three things. Colorful app icons that grab the eyeballs. Any kind of app that helps my backup process. And, free apps. Today I’m happy to report a touch of nirvana with a free backup app call Backup To Go for the Mac. The idea behind … Continue Reading »

Apple Gives Samsung A Hug

Samsung Squeezed

Alright, it’s not so much Apple giving Samsung a hug as it is Apple putting the squeeze on Samsung from above (starting with the head; you know, where it hurts). Worse, Samsung is being squeezed from the middle, too. And since corporations are people, too (SCOTUS says; look it up), and Samsung is all macho … Continue Reading »

Browse: It’s The Browser, Redone.


My chosen marriage mate gives me a unique perspective into the technically minded mind. These folks are good at figuring out a better way, and altogether too eager to dump what works fine and rebuild it all from the ground up. Well, maybe it is easier to build a new bridge than it is to … Continue Reading »

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