Forget Apple Watch, Apple Car, And Apple TV: Apple Needs ‘Apple Air’

Apple Air

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said Apple has products in the pipeline that even the Apple rumor sites haven’t mentioned yet. Our favorite Mac maker has a product pipeline for sure. There’s Apple Watch waiting in the wings, news of an Apple Car in the future, and the ghost product, Apple Television on nobody’s mind … Continue Reading »

Let’s Crowdfund, Buy Samsung, And Sell It To Apple

Crowdfunding Samsung

Here’s a great idea that is so good we can all get together to make some money and help out our favorite Cupertino, CA technology giant. The only problem standing in the way of success is math. Here’s the deal. For all of Apple’s riches, and there are plenty, the company cannot seem to escape … Continue Reading »

Where Will You Buy Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Here’s a foregone conclusion. Apple will sell the new Watch in Apple stores. Where else? Best Buy? Walmart? Word on the streets is that Apple is considering, if not already in the planning stages of, setting up Apple Watch stores to match the dedicated sections of Apple Stores which will sell Watch. Where will you … Continue Reading »

How I Became A Mac Power User

Path Finder

My first encounter with a Mac came about nearly 20 years ago. A friend’s brother had a Mac PowerBook. Years later, in college, I picked up a used PowerBook to replace a broken Windows PC notebook and that was that. In the years since I’ve owned about every modern era Mac available; from MacBook Air … Continue Reading »

How I Track Every Apple Product


We O’Brien’s are an Apple household. Or, rather, a household of many product made by Apple. There are aging MacBooks, a old Mac mini, a couple of iMacs, two new iPhone 6’s, a few older iPods, at least three iPads, Airport Extreme here and Airport Express there, plus an early model Apple TV and a … Continue Reading »

68,000 Artful Images To Inhabit Your Mac’s Desktop Wallpaper


How many ways can you customize or personalize your Mac? As it turns out, not many. Apple seems decidedly against turning the Mac into a real personal computer. There’s the Dock. Desktop wallpaper. And a few settings here and there (transparency, screensaver, etc), but the Mac isn’t too big on being anything more than Apple … Continue Reading »

Free: Handy Calculator For Mac: You’ll Use It When Size Matters


Have you seen those television commercials for the Jitterbug cell phone? It’s the one with the simple to operate controls with giant buttons. A smartphone it ain’t. Jitterbug is aimed at senior citizens who don’t want to delve into all the complexity of today’s Apple, Android, and Microsoft smartphones, still need to make a phone … Continue Reading »

What’s The Price Of Focus On A Mac?


One of the buzzwords to hit Mac users in recent years is ‘focus,’ sometimes referred to as ‘distraction free’ apps. In other words, an app that lets you focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by all the visual noise coming to the Mac’s screen. Visual noise? The 21st century is hallmarked … Continue Reading »

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