Please, Apple. Don’t Build This Product No Matter What

Apple Television

Apple’s executive team doesn’t listen much to my personal requests of the tech giant. That explains why you can’t buy an iPhone for $199, or why there’s no MacBook Air for $499. About the only gripe I have with Apple is the price, and when you consider TCO (total cost of ownership), even the company’s … Continue Reading »

Free Music Is Alive And Well In The 21st Century (and living on your Mac)

Free Music

Way back in the day, in the latter part of the last century, I started a digital music collection. Here’s how it went. My CD collection went into Rip. Mix. Burn. mode thanks to iTunes. And thanks to Napster, my music collection grew exponentially. You remember Napster, right? It was called ‘music sharing‘ back then … Continue Reading »

Searching For Answers To Bendgate, Bendghazi, And Apple’s New Disasters

Apple Searching

There is something about Apple Inc. that brings out the worst in modern media, which all to often reverts to a form of 21st century yellow journalism, full of sensationalism at the expense of facts. So it was with Antennagate and the iPhone 4, so it is with iPhone 6 and Bendgate (also cleverly named … Continue Reading »

Apple: From The Largest Record Store To Recording Industry Mogul

Apple The Record Store Recording Mogul

Apple’s music business is under fire. Not ‘on fire.’ Under fire. As much as Apple changed the record store industry by becoming the world’s largest online music store, streaming music is putting a dent in iTunes. Change often begets change. iTunes and iPod changed how we buy, manage, and listen to music. Today, music is … Continue Reading »

On Cutting The Cord: ‘Not Cable TV. I’m Cutting The Ties To Google’

Goodbye, Google

As much as all of us would love to cut the cable TV cord and get only those TV shows we want to watch and pay for only what we watch, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Yet, here I am, in a cord cutting mood, inspired by Apple’s new found confidence in differentiating … Continue Reading »

Use This App To Create A Professional Logo On Your Mac


In a past life, back in the days of wine and roses and college courses, I had the desire to become a graphic designer. It was all the rage when Photoshop was young. As most of us find out too late to do much about it, reality bites. Adulthood is not what it’s cracked up … Continue Reading »

Why The Competition Is So Afraid Of Apple

Fearing Apple

What is it about Apple that brings out the worst in the company’s many competitors? Think about Apple’s place in the tech world. Among PC makers, Apple has barely 15-percent marketshare. Among smartphone makers, Apple has barely 15-percent marketshare. Among tablet makers… well, you get the idea, right? At first glance, the fear of Apple … Continue Reading »

How To Copy And Paste Between iPhone Apps And Your Mac


There are times when I’m working on my iPhone or iPad and I find a snippet of text I’d like to put on my Mac. How? Evernote works. So do a dozen or so notes-taking apps that work on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and sync up your notes between devices. There’s also the ClipAgent method. … Continue Reading »

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