Guess What Is Changing While You Watch It?


If ‘nothing improves without change’ then television is better than ever, right? One thing is for sure. TV is changing. Actually, a look back at television history indicates there’s been an ongoing change, subtle at times, kicking and screaming change at other times, but now the change clearly is visible as you watch. What’s going … Continue Reading »

Rags To Riches Email Apps For Mac


As product reviews go, this one won’t take long. I hate email. That means I have a love hate relationship with the Mail app that comes with my Mac. Apple keeps tacking on features I don’t use because feature creep is a real disease among app developers and someone on the OS X team must … Continue Reading »

I Think Apple Has An HR Problem

Apple's HR Problem

In a previous life I worked in HR for a typical technology company; the kind that received millions from investors, spent it all trying to come up with an idea that worked, only to be sold for scraps to a company whose fortunes were better. One of the unsung issues all fast growing companies have … Continue Reading »

So, Thoughtfully, I Said To Siri, “Car 54, Where Are You?”


Where is your wife? Where is your husband? My husband and I use the Find My iPhone app to track our respective whereabouts. No, not to check up on one another, though that’s a good use, but to see how close to home or the restaurant or a destination we are near a scheduled time. … Continue Reading »

Apple’s Next Big Thing

Apple Camera

What is Apple working on for its next insanely great thing? Watch, of course. Thinner, lighter, faster Macs, iPhones, iPads, naturally. But those are not the insanely great next thing on Apple’s horizon. Company CEO Tim Cook said recently that Apple was working on some great products that haven’t even been rumored about yet. Really? … Continue Reading »

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed From Windows


No, I’m not getting married. Again. Been there. Done that. However, I am up for a little change if you don’t mind the sacrilege. That’s right, Microsoft’s Windows has a trick or two that Mac users might like in OS X, especially so if you find the Dock limiting, cumbersome, and a bit too much … Continue Reading »

The New Twist In Stickies Notes On A Mac Involves Ants


Why do men climb mountains (insert lewd joke about Twin Peaks Restaurants here)? From my perspective, there are two basic reasons. First of all, the mountains are there. Secondly, because men (and women; though not so many) dare to climb mountains. Because they are there. Why do Mac app developers publish apps that are much … Continue Reading »

So, You Want To Be A Graphic Designer? Add This To A Mac

Affinity Designer

By day I bring home my share of the bacon by toiling away for The Man in a midtown Chicago cubicle farm. By night I fight the crime of a cold and colorless world as a wannabe super-heroine graphic designer apprentice. My overlords don’t give me serious work but they let me play with all … Continue Reading »

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