How To Put ‘Soul’ Into Your Photos


My Mac is an app seller’s dream machine, mostly because I collect apps; especially anything to do with photo enhancements. A few years ago I tried out an earlier version of Zepheer. It was OK, but not great, and now it’s better. What you get in this little photo enhancement utility is more than 150 … Continue Reading »

Why Does Google Want Me To Know What They Already Know About Me?


Almost hidden in the news dating back to January is a blockbuster from Google. You know that Google knows much about you from your online searches, email, and browsing habits. What you may not have known is that Google is willing to share some of that information with you. That’s right. All your Google searches … Continue Reading »

A Few Words About To Do’s, Reminders, And Things On A Mac


Apple provides Mac users with certain basics that make up part of our digital life. Safari for browsing. Mail for email. The usual cast of characters from Photos to iTunes, from Calendar to Contacts. Most of the Mac’s built-in apps probably are used by most Mac users each day, but there are times when the … Continue Reading »

How To Control Your Mac’s Sleep Habits On The Cheap


Just between you and me, I find Mac sleep habits to be annoying. Often my Mac goes to sleep just when I need it most. Other times, my Mac doesn’t bother to wake up from sleep at all. If what you’re after is what I’m after then you want a little more control over your … Continue Reading »

Get A Free Virtual Darkroom And Light Table For Photos On Your Mac


Finding a great Mac app that’s also free happens often enough that I should not be surprised, yet, here I am, surprised again. That’s what happens once you look at Darktable. It’s the kind of app that’s easy to overlook. “Hey, look! Another free Mac photography app. Big whoop!” Don’t be fooled by free. Darktable … Continue Reading »

Don’t Wonder Where The Money Went. It’s Here!


If you were like a few million Apple customers this weekend you devoted a bit of time online to check out Apple Watch; either to buy, or schedule an appointment to try it on. Alas, I’m still shopping. The Watch model I wanted won’t show up until about June. So, I scoured around to find … Continue Reading »

Is This The Ultimate One-Trick Pony App For Mac Users?

iCorner Radius

Friday should be a day of fun and relaxation for Mac users looking for a little extra productivity and efficiency. And a bargain. Here it is. iCR is iCorner Radius and it might be the Mac’s ultimate one-trick pony utility because, well, you know. One trick. As the name implies, iCorner Radius puts a rounded … Continue Reading »